Apr 14

The background on this script is I needed a way to quick verify software versions of beta code installed on my system. Our software installs in several directories with multiple .EXE's in each directory. All executables are contained in a root directory, but I wanted a quick way to search all directories to verify installation was running on the correct version. Less time fighting with developers about me having the wrong version. <insert happy face here> This little script saves me tons of time as I have about 15 servers I run this on and it outputs to a text file very quickly.  I learned a lot on this script as I was not that familiar with invoke-command and it was cool to get it going.

$servers = Get-Content -Path C:\PowershellScripts\Servers.txt
$out = ForEach ($server in $servers) 
     { invoke-command -computername $server {Get-ChildItem "C:\Program Files\ccleaner\" -Include *.exe -Recurse |
     Select-Object -ExpandProperty VersionInfo | 
     select-object FileDescription, OriginalFilename, FileVersion, @{Name='ServerName';Expression={ $env:COMPUTERNAME }} | 
    ft -AutoSize
$out|Out-File C:\PowershellScripts\Versions.log

Sample output:

FileDescription              OriginalFilename     FileVersion ServerName 
---------------              ----------------     ----------- ---------- 
Agent Application            Agent.exe            1,0,0,14873 SVR01
DataGatherNET                DataGatherNET.exe    1,0,0,14873 SVR01
LoggingService Application   Logger.exe           1,0,0,14873 SVR01
JBoss Service wrapper        jbosssvc.exe     SVR01
JBoss Web Service wrapper    jbossweb.exe     SVR01
JBoss Web Service manager    jbosswebw.exe     SVR01