About JeezoPeezo Photography

What's in a name???

JeezoPeezo is taken from my childhood. If there is one thing I remember it is my Grandpa (Sodi) saying JEEZOPEEZO! whenever he was mad. Not that I am mad all the time but with my being a novice photographer, there are many times when I utter the word along with some other expletives.

So what in the heck is all this?

In regards to the question.... The little voice in my head that continually ponders why I am here is what this is. I have a very busy life and this whole project is an attempt to stop time. The pictures allow me to see the beauty that I would otherwise pass by. By posting these photos it allows me to go back to that particular time. Without the photos some memories would be forgotten.

For questions or comments please email me at jeezopeezo(at)jeezopeezo dot com.

Me In Dead Vlei, Sossusvlei, Namibia


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